Agriculture is becoming an exact science. It is a never-ending science, with many angles that open up avenues leading in all directions. With this remarkable success story attached to us, Abantu Holdings has a strong passion for land, and practical experience, and plenty of courage and determination. In addition, we now need a thorough grounding in the science of our calling. In the future this will be even truer.

We know a great deal about our land in these 6 countries across the African continent and the products we plan to raise from time to time.
Over the years, we have learnt that every plant and animal is a complicated organism. Those who wish to succeed in the culture of wheat, maize, tobacco, or cotton, for instance, must be thoroughly conversant with the characteristics of the plant, its propagation and growth, the diseases and disfigurements to which it is vulnerable, and the methods of controlling them.

As dairy farmers and ranchers, we are acquainted with the characteristics of our cattle; their feed necessities, their breeding habits, and their common ailments. Likewise, we have acquired great knowledge and expertise about fruit farming as well as grafting, pruning, spraying, and fertilizing.

In addition to this knowledge, we have a sense of business, have the ability to sell our products where and when it is most lucrative, keep sufficient records (so as to know where we stand financially), and, above all, plan production to take advantage of the most auspicious markets.