There is a very good opportunity to acquire THE COMPANY as the owners have decided to sell 100% of the shares to a solvent investment group who can bring it a new level and ensure expansion and future growth. THE COMPANY was founded in Spain 20 years ago and has been consistently growing since then. It has built the best reputation and a very good knowledge of the sea food industry.


Basic Facts about the Company


Main Activity: Trading and processing of high value added fish and seafood.

  • Actual Sales: Euro 20M. Actual EBITDA 1.2M.
  • Wide range of products: Octopus, cuttlefish, squid, prawn, lobster, cod, sole, hake, monkfish, etc.
  • THE COMPANY has its own raw material supply channels in place. Actually purchasing from fisheries in the Northern and Eastern Atlantic, and Mediterranean.
  • THE COMPANY has distribution channels in place supplying to Major European Supermarket Chains in Spain.
  • THE COMPANY operates a processing plant with boiling, cooking, freezing, packaging and logistic facilities.
  • Product is delivered fresh, refrigerated, frozen, boiled or pre-cooked, depending on the need of each client.
  • THE COMPANY holds a very big potential to grow in different lines:
  • Highly grow exports particularly to Middle East.
  • Introduction of new products.
  • Expand purchasing capacity to other areas like: Western and South Atlantic and Pacific.
  • Open new specialized sale channels like HORECA and food service